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Shenzhen JieXingDa Electronic Co., Ltd. is a expert in manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards.

Estabished in 2001, the company sticks to make the best printed circuit boards with high quality, high precision and multi-species.Our products are extensively used in communications,network, industrial control, computer applications, and national defense, aerospace and medical fields.

With an efficient management team and a dedicated workforce, JXD Circuit strives to give our customers the best service from all aspects of our business. We have continued to grow year by year...

JXD have been manufacturing printed circuit boards for over 15 years,we mainly devotes to high difficulty and specail PCB development and production, including precise multilayer boards,metal matrix (core) board,high frequency board,high tg thick copper foil board,plane winding board,impedance control board,mixed meida high frequency multilayer boards and various customized printed circuit board with specific requirement.

HDI (High Density Intrerconnection)
FPC(Flexible printed circuit)
High-end PCB
Special PCB
Consumer board

With our skilled in-house staff and state-of-the-art equipments such as CNC drilling machine, automatic exposure machine, Taiwan Lamination machine, automatic return of production line, automatic coating production line, ring plating line, Roll to Roll parallel exposure machine, Roll to Roll Etching Machine, Roll to Roll punching machine etc., we can ensure that we provide our customers with high-quality products,we have been remaining at the forefront of PCB manufacturer.

JXD Quality Assurance system is in full compliance with ISO9001 and ISO14001,UL and RoHS.Our philosophy is simple- Deliver quality printed circuit boards on time,the first time,and every time...

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