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No Item(Description) Manufacturing Capability(Specification)
1 Layers 2-30
2 Board type FR-4, Metal base plate, High frequency materials
3 Max. PCB board dimension 500mm X 600mm
PCB dimension tolerance
5 Finish thickness 0.20mm - 3.2mm
6 Finish thickness tolerance ±10%
7 Medium thickness 0.075mm - 5.00mm
8 Min. conductor width 0.1mm
9 Min. conductor spacing 0.1mm
10 Outer copper thickness 35um - 175um
11 Inner copper thickness 17um - 175um
12 Drilling aperture (Mechanical drill) 0.20mm- 6.35mm
13 Hole position tolerance (Mechanical drill) 0.076mm
14 Into holes (Mechanical drill) 0.15mm- 6.30mm
15 Aperture tolerance (Mechanical drill) 0.076mm
16 Thickness aperture 10:1
17 Solder Mask Type Photosensitive ink ,Curing ink , Inferior smooth printing ink
18 Min. Solder Mask bridge 0.1mm
19 Min. Solder Mask spacing 0.1mm
20 Impedance tolerance ±10%
21 Surface treatment HAL, ENIG,Immersion Silver/TIN,OSP etc.
22 Countersink hole Min.depth(D)6mil;The Depth of tolerance ±6mil
Plating line Flying probe Microtome
Oven Scrubbing machine Etching machine
Silk-screen exposure Developer Exclusive testing
Drilling Scrubbing machine Drilling
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